2017 KAPS Fall Seminar Schedule

Surveying Lessons Learned While Laser Scanning

Course Description: Laser scanning has been around for several years now and there have been many technical presentations of how scanning works. Laser scanning is great, but is it really worth the investment? How can I make a reasonable profit using a scanner? Which scanners are better for land surveyors? Are the file sizes going to be too big for my CAD station? Can I use scan data with my GPS on project coordinates? These are valid questions that have direct impact on how we survey in the field and manage our delivered projects out the door. Many times the people answering the questions are salesmen who know their product and hope you will too. From one Kentucky surveyor to other Kentucky surveyor’s, this seminar will answer the questions from the perspective of someone who has pulled chain. Experience is useful when we share it with our fellow associates for the betterment of our profession. If there are advances that help us all as surveyors, we should be talking about the lessons learned in an open forum with honest feedback. We all have heard the cliché, “Learn from your mistakes.” During this session you will have the opportunity to “learn from someone else’s mistakes” with laser scanning.

Ben Shinabery, PLS is a land survey project manager at Qk4, Inc. where he specializes in high definition digital terrain modeling through traditional survey, 3D Laser Scanning and Aerial Drone Mapping. He grew up helping his dad survey through the corn fields in Michigan and later running a field crew in the swamps of Florida – Full spectrum land surveying: cold and frozen to hot and humid. Now, Ben would rather pick a nice day and program his drone to do the mapping for him. He prides himself on helping others visualize geographic data in an engaging and understandable way. He lives with his bride and three kids in Simpsonville within walking distance from the Ghirardelli outlet.

*Instructor will provide handouts