2017 KAPS Fall Seminar Schedule

The County Surveyor in Kentucky

Seminar Topics: Qualifications for Office; Installation (KRS 73.020); The Surveyor (Scope of Duties); Compensation; The Surveyor & Original Surveys (KRS 56); The Surveyor & Processions (KRS 73); The Surveyor & Divisions; The Surveyor (Possibilities); The Surveyor in Other States (examples)

William Ralph Paris, PLS has a Private Land Surveying Practice (1977 to present). He was Caldwell County Surveyor (1977 to 2002). Mr. Paris has an AB in English from Centre College of Kentucky and a BS in Land Surveying Engineering from Purdue University. He is a member of ACSM/NSPS (1975 to present); member of KY Section ACSM and KAPS (1975 to present); Chairman, County Surveyors Committee KAPS (1995 to 1998); founding member, KY Assoc. of County Surveyors (KACS’ 1998 to 2002); President KACS (1999 to 2002); member of Surveyors Historical Society (1998 to present).

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