2017 KAPS Fall Seminar Schedule

Kentucky Easements & Rights of Way

Instruction will include: definitions of easement, license, right of way, dominant estate / servient estate, appurtenant easement / easement in gross, affirmative / negative easements; creating easements including written easements, recordation requirements, scope of a written easement; unwritten easements including implied easements by prior use, necessity, (common law) dedications, easements by estoppel, and prescriptive easements; characteristics of easements including scope, duration, balancing the rights of the servient and dominant estate owners, width and location of easements, exclusive easements, maintenance of easements, overburdening easements, interfering with easements, expanding the use of easements, and relocating easements; terminating easements by merger of title, by release / vacation abandonment, terms of the document, cessation of purpose, impossibility of use, nonuser / intention to abandon, elimination of the necessity, adverse possession, estoppel, mortgage foreclosure, and tax sale; reversionary rights,

Gary Kent is in his 34th year with The Schneider Corporation, a surveying, GIS and consulting engineering firm based in Indianapolis, and with offices in North Carolina, Florida, Texas and Iowa. He is long-time chair of both the NSPS committee and the ALTA committee on the ALTA/ACSM (now NSPS) Standards.  Gary is a past-president of both ACSM and ISPLS, and from 1999-2006 taught boundary law, legal descriptions, property surveying and land survey systems for Purdue University in Indianapolis.  He is in his twelfth year on the Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Surveyors and is frequently called as an expert witness in cases involving boundaries, easements and land surveying practice. Gary regularly presents programs all across the country on surveying topics, and he writes columns for The American Surveyor magazine and contributes to NSPS News and Views.

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