National Surveyors Week

National Surveyors Week is March 16 – 22, 2014

INSTRUCTIONS FOR FIRST TIME KMZ USERS (GPS observations during National Surveyor’s Week):

Download Google Earth from

After installing Google Earth, copy the KMZs attached to your emails to your harddrive.  Open Google Earth and double click on the Geoid12a accuracy estimate KMZ file.  You should see the Geoid12a grid open across the US and it will probably zoom into an area in Texas.  NGS is encouraging participants to collect data in the lighter (yellow-orange) ranges since that is where they need more data to nail down the geoid.

Pan over to KY then double click on the Priority_GravD_locations.kmz followed by the GravD_high_error_locations.kmz.  KYTC is working with NGS to do more detailed gravity work in the next 2-5 years and GPS (if possible) on the Priority marks will be most beneficial to that project .The high error kmz are additional marks that will help in the areas KY does not have enough data for the geoid model.

Not all of these marks are GPS-able – it will be up to the participants to do the recon and determine what can be observed.  Please document condition of all marks visited whether GPS observable or not to help update our datasheets.  Instructions for observations and documentation can be found at (please note that although stationary tripods are preferred, adjustable tripods can be used but please do not use bipods).

If none of these marks are in a participant’s region, load the First_Second_Order_BMs.kmz and G12A_KY_GPS_ON_BMs.kmz.  The First_Second_Order file contains all of the First & Second Order horizontal and vertical benchmarks with last known conditions of Monumented or Good.  The G12A kmz contains all BMs with GPS observations used to help develop Geoid12a and do not need to be re-observed at this time. Compare any BMs in your area of interest against the G12A file to determine if there are any bench marks that may be GPS-able in your area.  Even though these marks may not be on the priority lists, having GPS observations on them is of value to the surveying community.