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Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors


Components of Property Descriptions (2PDH)

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In this two hour Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course, we will discuss the various types of property descriptions and the different components that make up a property description. Drawing from the texts Brown’s Boundary Control and Legal Principles and Wattles’ Writing Legal Descriptions, we’ll explore how the preparation of property descriptions as presented by these commonly used reference texts match with the Kentucky Standards of Practice (201 KAR 18:150 Section 10). Using examples taken from record documents, we’ll discuss how well these record descriptions follow the recommendations of the reference texts. In the final section, the language used in preparing a property description will be presented. Discussion revolves around ambiguity in written descriptions and specific words and phrases which may help or hinder the clarity of a description. Finally, we’ll look at a real-world application concerning clarity and discuss how language might be used to clarify a confusing situation. Location: Anywhere with an internet connection! Date: Available for 30 days immediately after purchase Instructor: Jonathan Payne, PLS Professional Development Hours: 2 PDH The class is through an online portal called Canvas that acts as an online classroom. All the materials, videos, etc. are accessible through the Canvas dashboard. It is a website, so you do not need to download it to your computer. An email will be sent to you with the appropriate link and instructions. If you have not received the email within 12 hours, please contact us at


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