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Survey Technician I or II - Corporate Office (Downtown Louisville)

  • 06/04/2024 9:51 AM
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    Nancy Broyles (Administrator)


    Survey Technician I - Corporate Office (Downtown Louisville)


    This position is responsible for, but is not limited to, gathering field survey information for the planning, installation, maintenance, and documentation of Louisville Water Company facilities. The scope of responsibility includes the execution of various field surveys, pre-construction videos, field inspections of contractor installed services and data collection using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology relating to survey or GIS tasks. This position requires an ability to deal effectively with external (public, utilities, public agencies, etc.) and internal (Louisville Water Company) customers in a timely manner. 



    Work with the Supervisor or other Survey Technician(s) to perform all types of surveys to gather field data for water facilities design and construction.


    Assist the Supervisor or other Survey Technician(s) in performing property deed research at the appropriate county property valuation offices and deed rooms.


    Notify Supervisor of progress in the field and communicate work progress, changes and completions in a timely fashion.


    Use GIS as-built plans, maps, and other infrastructure records to locate pipelines to identify, locate, and mark underground utilities in the field.


    Perform field locates and stake easements, property lines, and rights-of -way in the field for pipeline and facilities installation.


    Interpret and understand blueprints, or construction plans from other utilities, highway plans, subdivision or building plans.


    Perform rock soundings to insure accurate measurements of depth to rock to aide Project Managers in construction cost estimates. Interpret soundings and avoid other underground utilities and hazards.


    Perform pre-construction video recordings of pipeline projects and other special projects. 


    Inspect newly installed services by contractors to ensure that the work done is in accordance with Louisville Water Company Technical Specifications and Standard Drawings, as well as, meets the requirements outlined in the inspection’s checklist.


    Conduct organized GIS grade GPS locates on various features and/or activities such as new services, miscellaneous requests and construction returns.


    Plan daily GPS data collection routines as necessary using documentation including but not limited to construction returns and “as-built” drawings.


    Assist with efforts to assess and improve daily work tasks/flows and work instructions (WI’s).


    Perform other duties as assigned.



    Works inside and outside under all conditions.  Construction on-site visits may entail all the hazards that are typical in construction work involving heavy equipment and excavations. Subject to hazards of traffic, construction, and field survey work. Work will entail lifting and carrying up to 70 lbs. of survey equipment.  The workweek is 40 hours.



    High school diploma or equivalent; and

    Three (3) years of field experience in surveying or related job experience; and

    valid driver’s license.


    Associate degree in Surveying or related field; and 

    One (1) years of field experience in surveying or related job experience; and 

    valid driver’s license.


    For more information, please contact

    Tara Bethel

    Human Resources Generalist

    Louisville Water Company

    P: 502.569.3649 | M: 502.974.6794



    A: 550 South Third Street, Louisville, KY 40202


    Kayla Shain

    P: 502-333-8752


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